About us

 Our Beginning:

The Resistance Art Movement was created with one purpose in mind, making the world a better place.

Frustrated by our inability to dedicate as much time to causes that need it and unable to help the world as much as we wanted, we discovered that many busy artists felt the same way. Everyone wants to make the world a better place, but if only we had unlimited time, or if only I wasn't just one person!

The Resistance Art Movement was created to eliminate those obstacles. 


Our Artists:

Each artist is personally compensated for their time and artwork, and then they themselves hand select the charity that matters most to them, 25% of the price of every one of their garments sold is donated to their elected charity.

This is our way of not only supporting independent artists, but allowing them to dictate where their donation and support goes. 


Our Garments:

All clothing sold by The Resistance has been ethically sourced and is made from organic substances. All workers creating our garments are paid a livable wage and we never support unethical manufacturing.

And all garments are hand printed to order, ensuring minimal environmental waste and all our printing happens right here in Canada!


We Need You!

We aim to create change in this world, and we cannot do it alone. We urge you to unite with us against corporate greed, cruelty and exploitation. We urge you to unite in resistance and stand up for what you believe in. 

Share our page, wear your support and be the change you want to see in the world!


If you or someone you know of wants to submit a shirt design, please email us at info@resistanceartmovement.com