"Salvation" - BLES elephant sanctuary crew neck shirt by Liz Venom

The Resistance Art Movement

30% of sales from this ethically manufactured shirt will be donated to BLES - the Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. 


The Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary was founded by Katherine Connor, an amazingly strong woman with a fearless passion to help these exploited and often tortured elephants at all costs. 

In order to tame a wild elephant for the tourism industry it is tortured as a baby to completely break its spirit. The process is called Phajaan, or “the crush”. 
It involves ripping baby elephants away from their mothers and confining them in a very small space, like a cage or hole in the ground where they’re unable to move. 
The baby elephants are then beaten into submission with clubs, pierced with sharp bull-hooks, and simultaneously starved and deprived of sleep for many days. 
They are then ridden every day for "entertainment", and chained to a stake in the
ground every night, they will never again know freedom or love. 
The Boon Lot Elephant sanctuary acquires elephants from environments such as this or from the illegal logging trade where they are forced to pull logs from the forest until they can no longer walk.
The Elephants at the sanctuary are allowed to roam free through the forest, sometimes for the first time in their entire lives after decades of enslavement and torture. 

Elephants at the sanctuary are either purchased, or donated after they are no longer fit enough to perform their jobs, one such elephant is Nwon who was donated to the sanctuary but then ruthlessly sold out from under them once he had regained his health by his original owner and is currently being shipped back to a logging camp where he will be forced to work until he dies. 

This cruel act is why our artist Liz Venom has created the "Salvation" shirt with 25% of the sales being donated to help purchase back Nwon so that he may live out his last days in peace, in the forest with the other elephants that he has grown to love. 
You can also donate directly to help bring back Nwon here

This heavy duty tee is made from 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton, and fits true to size.


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